Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2006 Fleer Fat Pack

Ugh, what happened to Fleer? I miss the real Fleer, not the Upper Decked Fleer that was still used as a brand a year or two ago. Where are the stickers? Where are the Super Star Specials? Someone needs to bring back the real Fleer, and not the crummy imposter that Upper Deck made of it. I would love to see a faithful to the brand Fleer product come out someday that actually had packs wrapped in wax paper. And stickers... of course!

I ended up buying three "fat packs" of 2006 Fleer awhile ago for no apparent reason. Each pack contains two "Top 40" inserts that are probably exclusive to the fat packs but likely contain no other inserts whatsoever. I'm just basing this on the way Upper Deck's fat packs have been. I decided to post about the second of three packs here and I'll talk about the rest on my own blog. So, here we go with 36 cards and absolutely no stickers or wax stuck to card backs.

101 - Greg Maddux (if you looked at his card back, you might think that he'd only been in the majors for 5 years. how lame is that?)
390 - Derek Jeter (there is so much dead space on these cards)
169 - Coco Crisp33 - Eric Chavez
322 - Brad Hawpe
331 - Todd Helton (back-to-back Rockies. remember the 660 card sets? I think these still may have cards numbered in "team order", but I'm sure the set is far slimmer than 660.)
126 - Dustin Nippert RC (first year of the unified Rookie Card designation)
313 - Chris Denorfia RC
92 - Matt Morris (one of many players depicted with their former teams and their current team's logo in this set)
381 - Juan Uribe
72 - Carlos Lee
310 - Brandon Claussen
200 - Ryan Jorgensen RC (according to his Wikipedia thing-o, he's a Mitchell Report guy who just recently got the call back up to the bigs for the first time this season)

69 - Ben Sheets (I guess this is kinda like Pete and Re-Pete here, but the kid is even younger)
375 - Frank Thomas
154 - Jason Schmidt

145 - Jeff Kent (Kent is just about to brawl with this unidentified Astros player)
400 - Tino Martinez
179 - Felix Hernandez ("On 8/9/05, the dynamic rookie allowed just five hits in eight innings to become the first teenager since 1984 to win a Major League start." I'm guessing that teenager was Dwight Gooden, but it doesn't say.)
389 - Chien-Ming Wang

168 - Cliff Lee (your 2008 AL Cy Young winner. here you can see how terrible the card backs are. there's just some blank space in his stat line because he hadn't pitched 5 years in the majors. REAL Fleer cards used to show major league and minor league totals when space permitted.)
236 - Javy Lopez
215 - Tom Glavine (second pitcher of the Braves trilogy here, pictured as a Met)
249 - Khalil Greene (he's been playing for the Padres since 2003? it seems like it was only a summer or two ago that I first saw him playing for the Portland Beavers. I wonder what Sean Burroughs is up to these days...)
28 - Barry Zito
T40-30 - Jake Peavy Top 40
12 - Ryan Theriot RC
301 - Keith Foulke
80 - Prince Fielder (does anyone know if he stuck to his vegetarian diet? cause that's totally important!)
135 - Tony Clark
220 - Cristian Guzman (pronounced "Chris John Goo's Mawn")
254 - Woody Williams (Woody!)
262 - Jimmy Rollins
41 - Ron Flores RC (spent the entire 2008 season in the Cardinals minor league system)

347 - Chris Shelton (is he an actual baseball player or is he just a figment of my fantasy baseball imagination, circa 2006?)
140 - Eric Gagne
30 - Bobby Kielty
293 - Bill Mueller
183 - Jeremy Reed
146 - Jeff Weaver (an Angel, pictured with the Dodgers, would go on to win the World Series with the Cardinals)
214 - Pedro Martinez
290 - Michael Young (continues to dash the National League's hopes in All-Star games)
281 - Chris Young (pictured with the Rangers, card has a Padres logo)

60 - John Smoltz (the trilogy is now complete. I can't tell if Smoltz is yawning, sneezing, vomiting or sucking the life out of his thumb.)
366 - Travis Bowyer RC (a Marlin pictured as a Twin. I'm not looking this guy up on Wikipedia or Baseball-Reference)
100 - Glendon Rusch (I think he and Steve Trachsel are essential the same guy)
355 - Placido Polanco
134 - Shawn Green
334 - Emil Brown
113 - Carl Crawford (so when is "retro night" coming up for the Rays, when they wear their throwback 2006 jerseys?)
181 - Ichiro (I have a disproportionate amount of Ichiro cards. my Ichiro to non-Ichiro ratio, anyway, is certainly alarming.)

T40-21 - Chipper Jones Top 40 (now has a .005 lead over Pujols in the batting title race. nooo!)

So there we have it. Well, they don't call this "A Good Pack A Day" now, do they? Sometimes you just gotta get through the day with what you have available.

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