Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2008 Topps Football Turn Back The Clock

Football Season is here, so Topps is cranking up their Turn Back the Clock promotion again. They did this last year with a tribute to the 1958 Topps football set, this year it's 1959. Odd numbered cards are found in packs, while even numbers will be given away one per week throughout the season. Topps have been giving away promo posters showing off the whole set, I snagged one and have it posted here if you want a look see. I got my pack yesterday, here's the first five cards from the set.

1 of 40 Matt Ryan
I don't care if he beat the stinkin' Lions, they shoulda picked Glenn Dorsey.

2 of 40 Rashard Mendenhall

I don't know who this person is. When I said I stopped following the NFL, I bloody well meant it.

3 of 40 Eli Manning

Did he really win a freaking Super Bowl? He did, didn't he? How 'bout that.

4 of 40 Jessica Simpson's Boyfriend

I think pink is an appropriate background color for Tony, don't you?

5 of 40 Eric Dickerson
Yeah! Dickerson! This card rocks. I wasn't planning to collect this set but I might have to think about it now. There's a lot of old timers on that checklist like Emmitt, Sanders and Dorsett that are mighty tempting. Just when I try to get out, retro cards keep pulling me back in...


capewood said...

I don't collect, and therefore, I don't really care about football cards, but what is this, the successor to Topps Heritage?

dayf said...

No, this is a giveaway set that Topps does every year. You get five cards in the pack, you can collect one more every week at the local card shop, and the rest of the set is inserted into packs.