Thursday, September 18, 2008

1992 Donruss Series II

Shiny red foil wrapper with gold trim (okay, so it's more like burgundy, but I'm a guy, so it's red). The 1992 Donruss series featured BIG player photos with minimal border. The top border served to display the DONRUSS 1992 header, and the bottom border was used for the player's name in a 'shadowed' font and below that, the team name and position.

Let's see who we've got here:

Eric Davis (Reds)
Frank Viola (Mets)
Kirt Manwaring (Giants)
Kim Batiste (Philles)
Jose Canseco (A's - how's that lump on your noggin?)
Carlton Fisk! (White Sox - EXCELLENT!)
Bo Jackson (White Sox - Vincent Edward KNOWS!)

Mark Carreon (Mets - Discipline must have been hard... Stop that, Mark Carreon (Carry-on...okay, maybe not)!
Rod Beck (Giants)
Ken Patterson (White Sox)
Dale Sveum (Brewers)

Oil Can Byrd (Rangers)
Gary Disarcina (Angels)
Joe Boever (Philles - Joe Bo? idk...)
Javier Ortiz (Astros)

Well, in my book, the Canseco, Fisk, and Jackson are the pulls to have from this pack...


Mike S said...

A local restaurant used to sell packs of Donruss for like 30c along with cheapie toys/candy near the register. I would end up getting 5 or so per visit and, as a result, had far more 1992 Donruss cards than I ever needed.

night owl said...
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night owl said...

I think everyone has far more 1992 Donruss cards than they ever needed. I know I do. There's something vaguely nausea-inducing about these cards.

--David said...

Yeah, you rarely see "1992 Donruss" on people's want/need lists!

Unknown said...

Ok so tell me does my unopened pack of 1992 donruss series II cards have any value? After all I've kept them closed for all these years.
At this point I was planning on waiting 20 years then opening it but after what I read here I don't know if it's worth it.