Thursday, September 25, 2008

2001 Pacific Baseball

It shouts it on the front of the pack 'Pacific Ornaments'.

I was really hoping that this pack would contain one of the 24 Christmas ornaments cards. The pack says 2 in 37, so the chances are not bad. To some it is probably a stupid idea but the oddball in me was hoping....

Lets see-

113 Pokey Reece Reds

425 Bill Haselman Rangers

146 Larry Walker Rockies

450 David Wells Blue Jays

40 Javy Lopez Braves

178 Moises Alou Astros

354 Mike Matheny Cardinals

108 Danny Graves Reds

205 Blake Stein Royals

287 Glenallen Hill Yankees

440 Jose Cruz Jnr Blue Jays

319 Travis Lee Phillies

No Luck. Not even a seasonal name.

Maybe next Christmas.

On an additional note
I am trying to find good homes for some of loose cards I have. Trades have been arranged with some of the teams but the Expos, Tigers, Angels, Twins, Yankees, Athletics, Mariners, Bay Rays, Rangers, Blue Jays, D-backs, Cubs, Rockies, Marlins, Dodgers, Pirates, Padres, Giants and Nationals are still begging to be place in a friendly environment.
I cannot guarantee they will be worth a fortune but they may fill some of the holes you have in your team sets.
E-mail me a line if your interested.


Slette said...

Definitely interested in your Yankees - drop me a line at epslette AT hotmail DOT com... and be sure to let me know who your team is, too!

sam r said...

im interested in the twins whats your team?

Slette said...

Sam, look me up - I live in Minneapolis and have tons of Twins I could send your way.

Justin G. said...

I would be Interested in the Rays. Lemme know

jackplumstead said...

Guys send us an e-mail if your interested in one of the teams!