Monday, September 29, 2008

1988 Fleer Cello pack

If you read my 88 Topps blog, you know I collected a lot that year. Topps was so much easier to find and cheaper than Fleer that year, so it was a rare treat when I could pick up some of these packs. I like the fairly simple design, although it would have been nice if they had varied the colors of the red and blue stripes on different cards. That's sort of what they ended up doing in 1990.

Anyway, here's the pack:

#59 Larry Herndon showing on top

What exactly is up with those wrist bands?

#484 Tony Armas - oh how the mighty have fallen
#466 Scott Fletcher
#98 Robby Thompson
#281 Rick Honeycutt
#593 Eric Nolte
#354 Mike Greenwell - an awesome pull for 1988!

#143 Kevin McReynolds - interesting choice to show him bunting at Wrigley

#203 Rick Cerone - back with the Yankees...
#146 Randy Myers - sporting a wicked mustache
#18 Joe Niekro - late and great

#301 Todd Frohwirth - looking significantly less dorky than on his 1988 Topps card

#615 Cory Snyder - not a bad pull for the day
#227 Buddy Bell - future manager and father of David Bell
Dodgers sticker
Orioles/Braves sticker
#576 Shawn Abner
#366 Jeff Sellers
#130 Gary Carter - well finally a HOFer, although his balding head must have been a bit embarrassing for him

#218 Willie Randolph - I'm not afraid to say it. Randolph is a damn handsome man.

#332 Bob Kipper - Kipper, Knepper whatever
#15 Tim Laudner
#297 Luis Aguayo - part of the powerhouse Phillies teams of the mid-80's. Did I say powerhouse? I meant outhouse.

#604 Tom Candiotti - showing you the equipment for the sport he plays, in case you forgot

#247 Ron Robinson - looking only slightly less clown-like than in the 88 Topps set.

#103 George Bell - reigning MVP at this point but not a very exciting pull
#459 Robbie Wine - never as good as his dad
#395 Jose DeLeon - underrated
#426 Jamie Moyer - fresh faced here but still kicking ass today!

#160 Mark Clear - could almost be Rollie Fingers

Well, not a great pack. No players who were superstars at the time, with Carter, Greenwell, and Snyder coming closest. I guess Myers was pretty hot then. Just one HOFer in Carter.


Gamblers Fan said...

Nice scans! Gotta love the '88...

--David said...

The faded upper borders remind me of... some set I can't quite put my finger on... Which set has 'fading' borders? Oh, wait, don't tell me... Hey, A&G has fading pictures around the edges! Were these an early adopter of going retro!?

Blame the medicine if this ddidnt make sense! :-)

Matt S said...

Candiotti isn't just showing off the baseball, he's displaying his knuckleball grip. I prefer his 88 Topps picture better as it has him mid-delivery and shows the telltale knuckleballer uniform number 49.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about the scans. These cards look like they're in HD!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

88 Fleer are awesome. Just opened up a box and got Edgar Martinez and Grace but no Glavine. Beautiful cards though.