Monday, September 15, 2008

2007 Topps baseball series 1

This is a pack that I got from Adam in a trade.

The pack has six cards, and since I set up my scanner to do 6 at once, here are all 6:

#77: Austin Kearns

Hmm, a shot of a guy waiting on deck. How compelling.

#232: 2006 Seattle Mariners

Despite having completed only 7 seasons in MLB, Ichiro already has a 166.5 HOF Monitor value on, 65th highest of all time. He's in the second row from the front, 7th from the left. I'm counting him as a future HOFer.

#311: Greg Maddux Gold Glove Winner

Having bonus cards for Gold Glove winners is nice. This features Greg in his 2006 Dodgers uniform, having come over from the Cubs midseason.

This is our second HOFer card as Maddux will eventually make it on the first ballot on which his name appears.

#24: Tom Gordon

This guy has been around so long that there is room for only stats on the back. He's out for the year now but I hope he makes it back for another season in 2009.

#160 Justin Verlander All-Star Rookie

Last year this would have been a sweet pull. This year, not so much. He had great years in 2006 and 2007, including a no-hitter. This year, he's been a fairly decent #3 or #4 starter.

#275: Greg Maddux

This is Maddux's regular card, and this time he's wearing the jersey of his 2007 team, the Padres. I looked at the signatures carefully and they look absolutely identical except that the one on his base card is slightly magnified. But unless Maddux shapes every single letter exactly the same each time, this is the same signature reproduced on both cards.

So there's another future HOFer...that's 50% of the cards in the pack. Not too bad.

One thing that is too bad is that the pack had the crap beat of out it before it got into my hands. The corners of all these cards are dinged.


Voltaire said...

The facsimile signature on Topps cards is a copy of the player's signature on their original Topps contract, so those Maddux signatures should indeed look the same.

The Drizz said...

ugh! i can't stand when topps uses colored borders instead of white on their base! think '07 and the black tops of the '86 cards, i used to use a black marker to "spruce up" the corners back in the day. i don't think that would fly with BGS or PSA nowadays :)

Dr. Burt said...

What's this I hear about MLB possibly allowing Ichiro to count his Japanese hits towards his major league total?

The Baseball Card Snob said...

I wish Topps would upgrade to a better quality of paper/cardboard for their cards.

If you look at them the wrong way they get dinged.

I was looking at some 07 Fleer last night, great quality paper/cardboard.