Monday, September 08, 2008

1983 Fleer cello pack

Here's a tasty 1983 Fleer cello pack.

But first, I wanted to let you know that my new blog 78 Topps Cards is online. No cards yet, but there is a poll set up to hear your opinion on which counters I should include. Please head over and vote. Card posting will start next month some time (after we finish the 88 Topps Traded set on 88 Topps Cards.)


Top of the pack shows Glenn Brummer (#4) shining through.

Bottom shows Rick Cerone (#376.) Two catchers. Let's see what's in between.

#71 Gary Roenicke
#444 Al Woods: Mike Tyson, anyone?

#639 The Silver Shoe: hell yes! You don't see this card too often for this future HOFer.

#320 Enrique Romo: no relation to Jessica Simpson's boyfriend.
#314 Steve Nicosia: what's he doing with his hand?

#258 Darrel Evans: at this point, Evans was 10 years removed from his 40-HR season. Few people probably thought he had another one yet to come, but he did, in 1985.

#572 Jon Matlack
#638 All-Star Catchers: Hot damn, two HOFers on one card. And amazingly, both of them have stupid grins on their faces!

#290 Al Oliver: Here's another nice card of an underrated player.

#289 Dan Norman
#366 Gary Lucas
#534 Fred Stanley
#636 "Smith Bros.": OK, holy crap. I'm drawing all these awesome insert cards.

White Sox sticker (I dare not call it stupid, dumb, or annoying.)
Dodgers sticker
#623 Pete Redfern
#615 Brad Havens
#267 Renie Martin: come hither!

#565 Danny Darwin
#651 Dodgers/White Sox checklist: just a coincidence that it's the same two teams that I got stickers for? Probably.
#118 Lee May: looking nervous...I had a number of conversations with May when he was the Orioles' first-base coach. He was about as warm and welcoming as you'd expect from this photo.

#120 Amos Otis
#363 Joe Lefebvre
#513 Tony Armas
#650 Phillies/Red Sox checklist
#343 Dave Tobik
#344 Alan Trammell: Oh yes! Oh YES YES YES!

#22 Ozzie Smith: Another HOFer!

#376 The aforementioned Rick Cerone

That was an outstanding pack! Five HOFers, if you count Rickey, who will be voted in in about 4 months.


Unknown said...

The answer to the question following card #314:

Stroking it.

dayf said...

Now THAT was a nice pack. Good way to kick off the week.

William said...

Seems like pulling that Trammell gave you a cardgasm. Good stuff.

madding said...

That was a hell of a pack. Bonus Oz action!

Andy said...

It wasn't a cardgasm as much as it was the way boys who write fan fiction always depict female orgasms.

MMayes said...

Glenn Brummer -- the catcher most famous for stealing a base without Whitey telling him to.

Steve Nicosia -- I think he's making an adjustment....and it doesn't have anything to do with a chiropractor.

All-Star Catchers -- great guy, but Gary Carter almost always has a stupid grin on his face.

Pete Redfern -- not too long after this card he had a fall and is now paralyzed. However he will sign cards through the mail, albeit with an understandably shaky signature.

Lee May -- remember his batting stance? The only other player I can think of with that much movement in his stance is Gary Sheffield.

Amos Otis -- 5 seasons in the 70's with an OPS+ of 124 or over and 4 top 10 MVP finishes. At the time he was well thought of, but he isn't remembered as one of the better 1970's AL outfielders.