Monday, September 01, 2008

2008 Allen & Ginter Cabinet

All right, one more Box topper pack to show off and then I'm back to boring old normal packs. This one is an Allen & Ginter Cabinet card from 2008. Cabinet cards were large sized photographs that were popular collectibles in the late 1800s. Baseball subjects were often produced, but Allen & Ginter didn't actually make any of them. A&G instead had trading card albums that could be acquired by collecting coupons that were inserted inside every pack of cigarettes. This set from Topps is sort of a cross between the Cabinet card concept and the actual A&G Album pages. Lets check this pack out.

Once again, you can see right through the wrapper. It's not a Bigfoot 'autograph' card that's for sure.

Woohoo! War! The battle of D-Day featuring Ike and Monty. I think this is the fourth or fifth Allen & Ginter card this year I've found where Topps swiped the photo for the subject off of Wikipedia. Are these two even in the regular A&G set? I sure haven't pulled either of them yet. Do I really need to talk about D-Day? You all went to middle school right? You showed up to at least one or two American History classes? Good, that means I can post a YouTube video of a different D-Day instead.

But wait, there's more...

And this...

Ok, that last one wasn't from Animal House. I couldn't find the scene where the horse keels over in the dean's office after Flounder shoots a blank in the air. Which totally sucks because that's probably my favorite scene from the whole movie. In any case, D-Day was in my pack with stinks because I had just bought the same card a week before from my local card shop. If anyone out there, wants, needs or obsessively craves this card shoot me an e-mail.

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