Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2003 Upper Deck Victory

Here's a pair of packs that I received in a trade from John in the U.K. Victory was essentially Upper Deck's attempt to pander to the Magic: the Gathering crowd. Each base card has a batting outcome on the back. If you're wondering how successful they were, ask yourself where the 2008 Upper Deck Victory packs are being sold. Yeeeaaahhh.

Pack 1

61 Nick Johnson (Sacrifice Fly) - Or as I now call him, Poor Unfortunate Nick Johnson.

19 Nomar Garciaparra (Single) - It seems like ages ago that he was The Guy in Boston.

98 Josh Phelps (Walk) - Hit .309 with 15 homers in 2002. What happened?

49 Vladimir Guerrero (Single) - I can't believe he's been in MLB for 13 years already.

194 Vladimir Guerrero Difference Makers - A 1:20 packs foil insert. No foil on the front, which is odd. So here's the back.
Vladimir Guerrero by you.

59 Bernie Williams (Walk) - I think this is a parallel. It's got a green border.

Rules card

Pack 2

75 Sean Burroughs (Single) - He was no Jeff Burroughs, it would seem.

12 Gary Sheffield (Ground Out) - As a Brave. Weird.

14 Geronimo Gil (Pop Out) - Ha! Of course the Oriole would be a weak out. If you ever saw "Chief" play, it's pretty spot-on.
Geronimo Gil by you.

63 Eric Chavez (Single) - He's been on the decline for a few years, due in part to a balky back.

156 Jason Giambi Laying It On the Line - This one's got 1:5 odds. Jason looks like he smelled something, possibly his own lucky thong. I'll spare you the picture.

33 Larry Walker (Triple) - An orange border this time. I do not get these parallels.

Rules Card - I should point out that these do not count as one of the allotted cards per pack.

These cards have a pretty decent design, though the black borders show every scuff and ding, especially on the back. The game's simple enough that it might even be fun to play if you were bored. I should mix them in with the dozen or so 1996 Collector's Choice You Make the Play cards I already have and go nuts.

...Maybe later.

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Cody Eding said...

I'm not positive those are parallels. I think Victory just had some interesting color choices. At least I don't remember the NBA Victory set from that year having parallels.