Thursday, September 04, 2008

2008 Goudey Mutant Pack

Ok, I can't let gum disease horrorshow be the 'pack a day' for this fine Thursday, even if it fits thematically with our new homage to the Marlboro Man logo. Here's a strange pack of Goudey (not Allen & Ginter, no tobacco cards after that) I found today.

185 Ian Kinsler
133 Joe Blanton
81 Roy Oswalt
260 '36 Ichiro mini blue back
104 Prince Fielder
182 Michael Young
130 Graig Nettles
28 Jeremy Hermida
YSL3030 Moose Skowron
YSL2149 Johnny Mize
YSL2124 Joe DiMaggio

I don't know how I manage to find all the mutant packs. Normally I'm annoyed by pulling a Yankee Stadium Tedium card in a pack of Goudey because they generally take the place of a short print and the shiny glossy stock clashes with the tactile joy of the real cardboard stock. I can't really complain about finding three of them in there though. And three good ones too! Joe D, Big Jawn and Moose! As long as Sarah Palin doesn't shoot Mr. Skowron and make mooseburgers out of him, we got a nice trio of Yankee stars from the 50's right there. Plus there's another underrated Yankee star in Graig "don't call me Craig" Nettles, bringing the Yankee legend count to four for the pack. The rest of the packs' pretty good too. Prince, Oswalt and Kinsler ain't no slouches, but the gem of the pack is a retro 1936 Goudey mini card of Ichiro. I like 1936 Goudey cards, I like mini cards and I like Ichiro. Trifecta, baby! I'll tolerate the back ink variation. The parallels of parallels thing Upper Deck is obsessed with lately is annoying, but I'll ignore it for the sake of a good Ichiro.

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