Saturday, September 06, 2008

2006 Topps Bazooka

I took my wife out to supper for her birthday as an early partial present. Though we dined on fine Texas steak and bacon-laden cheese fries, we also went to the local French-inspired shoppe du de'partement. (yeah, okay, so it was Target...)

The non-2008 pickin's were pretty slim (not HIM), but I culled out a 2006 Topps Bazooka pack. The original retail price was $1.99. Target's "bargain" price was $1.59. Does anyone else remember when the "bargain" packs were $.99, then $1.49? I see a trend here...

Well, all I will say about the wrapper is that is does NOT feature Junior, which is a feat, though I believe most Junior packs are of the Upper Deck variety. The first card out is a "Blue Fortune" Miguel Cabrera (Marlins). He looks like he passed gas but is trying not to let anyone know it was him... Next up is a Gold Chien-Ming Wang (Yankees). Yeap, a Golden Wang. I'll just let that one stand on its own...

Ah, the third item in the pack is a Bazooka Comic of the Texas Rangers. They've got balls flying all over the place as the headline reads, "Texas rips 260 HRS - 2nd most ever in the AL." Oh, and the witty snippet on the comic itself reads, "They call us the LONG Rangers!" Okay, seriously... The innuendos here are almost too much to bear... Moving along, we find Juan Pierre (Cubs), who is either throwing in a fielded ball, shielding his eyes from the sun (despite wearing shades), or just realized his high school buddies are in the stands. That brings us to Richie Sexon (Mariners). He is demonstrating the proper sighting technique for a long-range sniper rifle. Or maybe it's HIS version of the Babe Ruth "called shot." It's hard to say which.

The last three cards in the pack include Brad Lige (Astros) who is sporting the classic "Where's your mother?" first demonstrated by Bill Cosby (I tried to find a picture, but instead you'll just have to watch "Himself" on YouTube). Then, we have Ronnie Belliard (Indians!! Go Tribe!). It's an over-the-back shot, looking down as he takes a pitch. Okay, I'll give the photog props for an interesting shot. However, I buy cards to, oh I don't know, maybe SE the players on the cards!? Maybe I am just too 'old skool" now... Finally, Rickie Weeks (Brewers) looks as if he is about to collapse onto the field. He looks like someone who is either doing an "Igor" impression or someone who has been shot in the leg, but wants really, really badly to get to the base. Perhaps "shot" is a bit strong, so maybe just "Harding'd" in the leg... (is there not a color version of this picture anywhere?)

So, there it is, a pack of 2006 Bazooka. Hey, at least I got an Indians player out of it!

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deal said...

I agree about the Belliard shot. I think the photographer was being lazy that day. There is a Casey Blake in 07 topps taking from the same angle. I assume it was in a game against the White Sox because the Tad Iguchi card is also similar.

It looks like a shot taken by a fan in the stands.