Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1991 Pacific Senior Professional Baseball

I probably should have scanned the pack of these things. The pack itself is white with aqua and pastel purple diagonal stripes across it. It is an actual wax pack, and it is ugly...

I don't know where to begin with this pack other than to say that these feature players who are members (or were in 1991) of the senior baseball league. The cards feature nice photo real estate with the team name down the left-hand side. The team logo is in the lower left corner and the player's name and position is at the bottom.

The backs are umm.. something akin to pastel green with purple accents. Seriously, who came up with THIS one!? The card number, Senior Pro Baseball logo, team name, player name and position take up the top third of the card. There is some bio info and Senior League Career stats in the middle. The bottom has player info (usually including some tidbit about the player's MLB career, but not always).

In no particular order, the cards in the pack are: Butch Benton (Pelicans), Jim Tracy (Tropics), Rick Peterson (Explorers), Ken Landreaux (Pelicans), Cardell Camper (Pride), Steve Luebber (Sun Sox), Jack Lazorko (Sun City Rays), Ron Washington (Explorers), Tom Zimmer (Pelicans), Jeff Jones (Explorers), Bob Galasso (Sun City Rays), Jim Willoughby (Pride).

Just for fun, here are a couple of the players on their MLB cards:

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