Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2007 UD Goudey Hobby Pack

As I was driving around Texarkana, looking for one of the school sites I was supposed to be visiting in order to install computers for the 3-5 year old kiddos, I buzzed past "Excalibur" comics, sportscards, collectibles... I made a mental note to go back after I was finished with the job.

He had a gazillion "Magic: The Gathering" cards and a ton of comics. I asked about baseball cards, and he looked at me like I was from another planet, telling me that, basically, the hobby was dying (not in so many words). I looked over the handful (literally almost) of cards he had in a case tucked back around a corner, saw nothing of interest, and looked over the small selection of hobby boxes he had open for display.

For $6.95, I bought a pack of 2007 Goudey Hobby cards. I don't know what I expected, but I guess it's not a bad pack....

Maddux (Padres - Green), Renteria (Braves - Green), and Delmon Young (Rays - Green)

Lou Brock! (Cardinals - Green), Maddux (Padres - Red), Renteria (Braves - Red)

Thomas (Blue Jays - Red) and Gary Matthews (Angels - Red)

Obviously, pulling the Brock was the card of the pack. If I collected Maddux, Renteria, Braves, or Padres, I would have had a nice hit with this one. I have no idea what the difference between the hobby packs and the retail packs are, so I can't really say if I got a "good deal" or not. That is a very subjective (and, judging by some blog posts out there - touchy) thing.

(edit: I have corrected the year of the pack. It was previously listed as 2008, incorrectly.)


Andy said...

This is 2007, not 2008, right?

Nachos Grande said...

Pretty sure that's a 2007 pack (smaller card base set, the two colors on the back). The '08 set is "regular" sized with smaller insert sets.

--David said...

Oops, sorry.. 2007... I'll fix that. Good eyes!