Saturday, September 20, 2008

2008 National Rugby League

My brother Peter from Australia visited recently for a short while. He bought some baseball packs with him and what I am posting today.
Now Rugby League may be as well know as say Aussie Rules or cricket in the US of A, but that's not what this post is about. Rather, how this set was released.
The photo above is the whole set of 240 cards, including a collector book with 6 pocket pages. The set was collected over a period of 15 weeks.
Each week a pack of 16 cards was released.
Each pack cost $2.00 and to receive the pack you had to collect tokens.
The collector book was free with the first pack.
Nice card stock, action shots, bright co-ordinated colours and about the same size as a Goudey.

The pack contained a checklist telling you the names of the players inside the pack.
Each pack contained:
  • 12 player cards

  • 1 club card

  • 3 inserts; gold, silver and green foil cards

The pack that I chose randomly to show is week 14 of 15.
The player cards were(I guarantee you won't recognise any names)
Team in Italics
David Stagg Brisbane Broncos,
Terry Campese Canberra Raiders,
Jason King Manly Sea Eagles,
Ben Cross Newcastle Knights,
Petero Civonicea Penrith Panthers,
Ben Pomeroy Cronulla Sharks,
Rangi Chase St George Illawarra Dragons,
Willie Mason Sydney Roosters,
Jeremy Smith Melbourne Storm,
Carl Webb North Queensland Cowboys,
Manu Vatuvei New Zealand Warriors,
Sonny Bill Williams Canterbury Bulldogs.

The Club card was
South Sydney Rabbitohs (which is incidentally owned by Aussie actor Russell Crowe)

The Inserts
Green Foil Andrew Johns Record Breaker
Silver Foil Steve Rogers Modern Legend (and dead)
Gold Foil 'Big Norm' Provan Team of the Century.
Every single person who bought this weeks cards received exactly the same cards.
So at the end of the 15th week you had the entire set.
Job done, set finished, $30.00!
Easy peasy.


Unknown said...

Love the South Sydney card!

There need to be more rabbit-based mascots in the U.S. Unfortunately, John Updike hold the copyright for the word "rabbit."

jackplumstead said...

Fortunately (or unfortunately) Aussies have the habit of putting an 'o' at the end of names such as nicknames Simpson becomes 'Simmo', Tasmania-'Tazo', relatives-'relos', you get the idea. The rabbits are the 'Rabbitos'. Hope that avoids any lawsuits.

--David said...

So, the "Burros" become the... wait, the BURRITOS become... well, okay, how about the OREOS become... Well, dang... :-)

jackplumstead said...

Oh my goodness. Its spreading!