Thursday, July 17, 2008

100th POST SPECIAL!!!!! The Dirty Dozen: 1999 Sports Illustrated

Yah-Hoo!!! It's my 100th APAD post!

To celebrate, here's a pack of 1999 Sports Illustrated.

One thing I miss about Fleer, is the intense shine their cards had. 1999 Sports Illustrated had so much gloss on them, I swear, you need a pair of sunglasses just to view them. They're also very slippery, for some reason.

1999 was the third and final year for the SI brand, and it followed the same formula as before: 150-200 cards, heavy on the subsets. The backs have full career stats, but no other copy. And despite a 30-card "Team 2000" subset, there are no prominent rookies.

A-Rod (Season Highlights)
This card commerates A-Rod's 40-40 1998 season.

Ken Griffey, Jr.
Junior had back-to-back 56 HR seasons in '97 and '98.

Jose Canseco
The world's worst celebrity boxer is shown in a Toronto uniform, but listed as a Tampa Bay Devil Ray.

Dante Bichette
Nice horizontal shot of Bichette attempting to backhand a line drive down the left field line.

Greg Vaughn
I completely forgot that this guy hit 50 HRs in 1998.

Darin Erstad
I am exactly two days older than Darin Erstad.

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Captain Canuck said...

there's 2 minutes and 34 seconds I'll never get back......
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