Monday, July 21, 2008

1992 Leaf Studio Baseball

A couple of weeks ago there was some Studio opened here. While there won't be any real-life pirates with parrots on their shoulders in this pack, it's still worth opening.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
106 Fred McGriff (Notice how high the Crime Dog is wearing his hat. This trend continues throughout the pack. The photographer must have used the phrase "Lemme see those beautiful brown eyes" quite a few times on his shoots. High hats all around. Fred's favorite movie is Police Academy. Wonder if he annoyed his teammates with mouth sound effects in emulation of his favorite character.)

237 Kevin Mitchell (Chokin' up like a mug!)

116 Mike Jackson (Mike Jackson. High hat. Shamon'.)

247 Jeff Russell (High hat.)

16 Chuck McElroy lost his glasses. Boy, is his mom gonna be mad!)

101 Andy Benes (No hat. Not related to Elaine Benes.)

231 Jay Buhner (High hat.)

111 Kevin Bass (High hair. Sexy mustache. Back says "Would like to meet Benny Hinn." I would like to know who Benny Hinn is. Alright then.)

147 Von Hayes (Would like to meet Jacques Cousteau. I guess I would accept Von Hayes and perhaps Randy Ready into Team Zissou. Von sits alone in 445th place on the all-time home runs list with 143. That's two more than Bo Jackson.)

17 Mike Morgan. (His wife's name is Kassie. The spelling of that is the opposite of classy.)

157 Steve Sax. (Sax on the Sox. The person Steve would most like to meet is Abraham Lincoln. Don't hold your breath, Steve.)

27 Bip Roberts (Aaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!! I've been Bipped.)

Grade: A
Bad pack...great set! I love it when card companies do their homework. How else would I have learned that Andy Benes had a man-crush on Dan Marino in 1992? I think a binder full of these would make great bathroom reading material.


Russ said...

I would like to say that The Crime Dog's high hat days continued on to his endorsement of Tom Emanski's baseball videos

dayf said...

Check McElroy without his glasses is... just not right. Not right at all.

Jonathan and Paula said...

is the 1992 set worth anything??