Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2008 Topps Co-Signers

This is the second of two packs of this stuff I bought at a show a couple of weeks ago.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
031 Orlando Hudson

057 Jeff Kent (Remember when Kent was with the Giants and he claimed he broke his wrist while washing his truck when in reality he was popping wheelies on a motorcycle?)
005 Grady Sizemore

035 Jorge Posada/Derek Jeter Red Parallel (297/400) (The previous cards in this pack established the precedent for the set's design, i.e., player name on card bottom, team name running vertically on card left. Following this logical sequence, Jorge Posada plays for Team Jeter. Perhaps Derek can get him a red cap and a Speedo. Unless, of course, Jorge's just a "bond company stooge.")

076 Hideki Matsui
066 Ivan Rodriguez (Anybody else see him get struck out by shortstop Tony Pena, Jr. in the Tigers' 19-4 victory over the Royals? Good for any Royals fans who stuck around for that entire mess. At least they got something to cheer for.)

Not quite the show-stopper the last one was, but solid enough. Too bad I didn't get any Brewers, but perhaps I can score some more from my trading contest over at Thorzul Will Rule.

Jorge "Kingsley" Posada.

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shoeboxlegends said...

Oh man, nice Life Aquatic reference. Probably my all-time favorite comedy.

"Who are you? You look pregnant."