Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Press Pass NASCAR

While my beloved Braves continue to self destruct I felt the need for something else. My first box of '08 Allen & Ginter arrived today, but it sits beside me untouched. I knew if I cracked it, I would pull a Teixeira auto and just cry. So I needed a distraction. Something colourful and exciting. That's right boys and girls... it's NASCAR time! (cue the Lynyrd Skynyrd music)

2008 Press Pass Wally World blaster.... with an exclusive Wally subset!!!!!!!

(note Dale Jr on the box showing off his new colours and sponsers... Bud picked a new man... and that man is...)
Kasey Kahne! What a coincidence. He is the first of the two per box Wally exclusive subset. the second of that pack is...
Tony Stewart. Tony is in the last season with Joe Gibbs racing and Home Depot sponsership. Tony is starting his own team next season.

On to the first pack....

A Rex White legends card... I love seeing all the old pictures of Nascar drivers, their cars, and *ahem* safety gear....
A Jeff Gordon Raceday bumpy, shiny insert, #4 / 12. Supposedly only found 1 per 3 blasters. Lucky me. Any Gordon fans out there wanna trade?

Ahhh.... the "man" of the year so far. Kyle Busch. Winner of 653 races so far this season... or so it seems. He's doing so well that Nascar told Toyota they had to scale back the horsepower in their engines for this last race and from now on... even though Toyota's engines meet all rule requirements. Nascar just did this to "increase the levels of competition."
Imagine if the NFL told the Dallas Cowboys that they had to use slower wide receivers, just to give the Redskins a fighting chance.

Outstanding young driver David Reutimann.... maybe I like him just because of my love affair with my sweet mistress, pizza. Hmmm.... His other co-sponser is Burger King. Not so good.

My main man Tony again... just struttin'...

Ah yes. The obligatory, one per pack, blue parallel insert. This one of Dale Jr. There are lot of Dale Jr. cards in this set.
A very good pack. Solid A. And I managed to sneak in a dig on the Redskins. Always a plus.

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Unknown said...

I know that the intent of that Topps Rip Party clip is to get me excited about their product, but all it does is make me feel sorry for the people who are there, especially the guy with all of the packs on his coat. It gave me those shame goosebumps.