Monday, July 14, 2008

2005 Donruss: IT LIVES!

Continuing with the $10 repack box, here's a fifth pack that was loose inside the box. This means that I didn't have to bend the hell out of the cards inside by trying to rip it free from the outside of the box. I want to find the adhesive they use for these stinking things...if I ever spring a leak in my pipes, I can't imagine anything more powerful. I got a nice wash of nostalgia when I saw "Donruss" on the wrapper.

The cover boy is Albert Pujols yet again. No idea what the original price was, but it has one of those $1.59 markdown stickers on the back.

138 Nomahh Garciaparra - Still sort of weird to see him in that Cubs uni.

320 A. J. Pierzynski - Got jobbed out of the All-Star Game this year. His peers apparently hate him so much that they decided a decaying 'Tek was more worthy than a guy hitting near .300.

250 Livan Hernandez - Not only an Expo card, but a big fat pitcher swinging the bat! Nice.

303 Jack Wilson - One of my former co-workers went to high school with him. Six degrees and all that.

400 Vernon Wells: Blue Jays Team Checklist - Only seven Jays in this set (including Vernon's Diamond King)? This must have been a small set.

148 Wilson Valdez - A White Sox rookie shortstop. Steve, any fond memories of this guy?

347 Chad Gaudin - Someday he'll probably tell his grandkids that he was traded to the Cubs in 2008 to lead their pennant drive...and the A's threw in Rich Harden as well. The kiddies won't know any better.

300 Pat Burrell - Pat the Bat! It would've been a hoot to see him on the All-Star team this week. The poor guy took enough abuse from Philly fans in the past; I think the least they could've done is take a week off from work to stuff the ballot box for him. ;)

127 Pedro Martinez - This card's a bit dinged at the top. You get what you pay for, I suppose.

111 Miguel Tejada - Awesome action shot of Miggy covering second as Nick Punto slides back into the bag. They're decked out in the polyester glory of 1975, don'tcha know.

All in all, not a bad little pack. I would've loved to see a Diamond King, but there was some decent star power and an Oriole in a throwback ensemble. Thumbs up.


Steve Gierman said...

This one time, at training camp, Wilson stuck a bat... wait wrong story. A .233 average in 19 games with 1 home run in 2004? Eh, not so much fond memories. He did get rid of Billy Koch, so he's got that goin' for him. Plus, he did hit his only home run at U.S. Cellular Field, but it was against the Royals off of pitcher Brian Anderson. I wonder if that still counts.

Kevin said...

As someone whose woeful team recently wrapped up an eleven-game win streak vs. the Royals, I'd say any feats of strength against them count. And thank goodness for that!

dayf said...

Your insert was a short printed Blue Jays checklist? weak.

In other news: I MISS DONRUSS!!! WAAAAAAAAH! *sob* sniffle