Saturday, July 19, 2008

35 cards for $1.99 junk blister pack

The next pack to open was chosen by deal, who wanted the 35 cards for $1.99 junk pack. He was hoping for a pack with an ESPN card on the top and he got it, although being a Philly phan, he ain't gonna like who is on the card. I actually got this pack because I could see the 1979 rookie card peeking out from behind Rolen. That's as close to opening a 1979 pack as I'm going to get. Let's crack this open.

2005 UD ESPN 81 Scott Rolen
1979 Topps 702 Red Sox Prospects
1991 Topps 701 Pascual Perez
1990 Topps 767 Tracy Jones
1988 Fleer 164 Mike Felder
1988 Fleer 649 Mario Diaz & Clay Parker Prospects
1989 Upper Deck 133 Mike Fitzgerald
1988 Fleer 227 Buddy Bell
1988 Fleer 637 Crunch Time
1981 Donruss 487 Roy Smalley
1989 Upper Deck 753 Derek Lilliquist
1981 Donruss 482 Bill Buckner
1989 Upper Deck 244 Willie Wilson
1981 Donruss 275 Pat Zachary
1991 Upper Deck 389 Chet Lemon
1989 Upper Deck 45 Sil Campusano
1989 Score 652 Wrigley Field
1989 Upper Deck 627 Bill Schroeder
1992 Score 489 Gary Carter
1998 Fleer Metal 112 Henry Rodriguez
2006 Topps Team Set MIN10 Joe Nathan
2008 Topps Team Set BOS1 David Ortiz
2006 Topps 526 Ryan Wagner
1989 Topps Traded 45T Erik Hanson (bent)
2007 Topps WM5 David Wright Baseball Card History
2007 Fleer Ultra 76 Carlos Lee
1989 Upper Deck 329 Danny Tartabull
1989 Upper Deck 773 Jack Clark
1989 Upper Deck 283 Billy Ripken
1989 Upper Deck 280 John Kruk
1989 Upper Deck 765 Jerome Walton
1991 Upper Deck 143 Tim Raines
1981 Fleer 164 Tommy Hutton that was hit by a truck
1989 Topps 529 Dave Henderson
1987 Fleer 289 Jack Clark
1986 Donruss 419 Mike Jones

The Totals:

  • 10 1989 Upper Deck cards from a high series pack they ripped looking for a Griffey
  • 4 1988 Fleer cards that are meaningless since I bought the factory set 20 years ago
  • 3 1981 Donruss cards, two with flourishing facial (and in Buckner's case, neck) hair
  • 2 Jack Clark cards, one with vigorous unibrow
  • A Billy Ripken card from the right year, but wrong set
  • One measly Brave, but at least it's a guy who pitched at the University of Georgia
  • One Hall of Famer, but it's a player I despise
  • A card of a stadium selling its soul
  • One bent card from a traded factory set (how the hell did that happen?)
  • One 1981 Fleer card that has been through the wash a few times
  • An insert card of David Wright
  • A team set card of Big Papi
  • 1 card from the '70s with ugly black & white fotos for no apparent reason
  • 23 cards from the '80s including one each from the historically significant 81 Fleer, 86 Donruss and 87 Fleer sets
  • 5 cards from the '90s with a stark reminder of the horrible things that happened to cards in the middle of that decade
  • 7 cards from the '00s including two taken from packaged team sets
  • 1+23+5+7=36 Hey I got a free card! sweet

03 Fleer Double Header coming up, choose the next pack to open.

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deal said...

Yes, you are correct that is not the blister pack I would have pulled off the rack - and really are there any Scott Rolen fans anywhere anymore?

Had the WM BBCH of Wright been anybody but a Met it could have saved this pack.