Thursday, July 03, 2008

2006 Bowman Heritage Baseball

Today I'll take a break from the new shiny stuff and rip into some of the somewhat older, much less shiny stuff.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
225 Cole Hamels Mini (RC)

BHP2 Koby Clemens (Roger's son.)

BHP82 Matthew Sulentic (Probaby not Roger's son.)
59 Chien-Ming Wang Chrome (Everybody Wang Chrome tonight!)
248 Chad Billingsley (RC)
84 Lyle Overbay
134 Adrian Beltre

205 Joel Zumaya (RC)

Not a bad pack, I guess. Pretty pyewpin' good, if you ask me! I was a little surprised to see the Hamels slip away from the other cards like that, as I was not collecting cards back in 2006. Pretty good for a $1.59 Target cheapie. The Wang is probably worth a couple of bucks, too. I'd better put it in a sleeve for protection. It's always a good idea to wrap up your Wang.


Unknown said...

Love your blog. My fiance and I just started collecting cards and we are having a blast with the hobbie. It's really addictive. I get him a new card pretty much everytime I come to the mall. He's more into football and I do baseball/basketball. I have a bunch of players from back in the day like MJ, Pipen, Rodman, Stockon, etc, etc.

Anyway, I'll stop talking. Great blog. I'll keep reading.

--David said...

"Wang Chrome Tonight" - absolutely classic!!