Monday, July 21, 2008

1987 Donruss rack pack

Hey! Quick thanks to Ben for allowing me to contribute to this blog.

Let's tear right in to the first section of a 3-section 1987 Donruss wax pack.

198 Karl Best was showing on top.

And the rest...

66 Will Clark - I always disliked Clark as a person, for some reason (not that I knew him.) But I found his half-season performance with the Cardinals at the end of his career simply astounding.

44 Pat Dodson (Rated Rookie)
632 Ray Hayward
501 Chris Bando
513 Ken Griffey
379 Dwayne Murphy
2 Roger Clemens Diamond King

115 Tony Pena
598 Brian Holton
466 Mark Gubicza - a wonderfully Royal Blue card.

333 Doug Corbett
199 Dwight Gooden

67 Ozzie Virgil
31 Benito Santiago (Rated Rookie)

Holy crap, that's a pretty damn good section of cards. We've got one sure-fire HOFer in Clemens, another Cy Young winner in Gooden, and two of the best rookie cards in the set with Clark and Santiago.

I will be giving away these cards (and all the cards I post here) over at my 88 Topps blog. Look for the regular giveaways there, and I'll be adding in the cards posted here.


Jason T. Carter said...

That's an awesome pack. I don't have a lot of '87 Donruss, so almost all of them would have been new to me. I love vintage crap (is 1987 vintage?)!

dayf said...

'87 Donruss is such a kick-ass set.