Friday, July 04, 2008

2007 Topps Chrome Baseball

Happy 4th of July, everyone! To celebrate, let's crack open a cold one and a year-old pack of Topps Chrome.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
243 Brandon McCarthy

264 Mark Teixeira Gold Glove Refractor

GN279 Russell Martin Generation Now Triple #1

102 Reed Johnson

All-American pack? Hardly. We've got the Montreal, Quebec-born Russell Martin, a Blue Jay, and two guys who are depicted as Rangers from the United State of Texas, arguably a sovereign nation in its own right.

But that's what this country is, a little bit of everything.

Question of the Day:
What is the most patriotic baseball card set of all-time? I'm thinking of the 1991 Score Desert Storm flag card, but that's just one out of the near-metric ton of cards from that set. What's the set that waves the flag most proudly?

1 comment:

Mark said...

Thorzul, you know that Reed Johnson is a Cub, right? I guess you and your 3rd place Brewers probably didn't want that card scan posted ;-)