Friday, July 18, 2008

1986 Topps Tattoos

As I continue to post the packs that came in the 16-pack box from Wal-Mart, we come to a pack of 1986 Topps Tattoos. To refresh your memory, the packs contain 18 tattoos, some of which are players and some are generic baseball-related pictures. There is also a stick of gum, should you feel the urge to chomp down on a 22 year old piece of history...

First up, we have Alfredo Griffen (A's), a couple of non-descript players, a couple more non-descript players, Frank White (Royals), Ozzie Smith (Cardinals), and finally two more generic players. Not bad at all! It's always a good pack when you can pull Ozzie out of your hat!

The second set of tattoos gives us Scott Garrelts (Giants), Dennis (Oil Can) Boyd (Red Sox), Donnie Moore (Angels), Tony Perez (Reds), two generic players, and Vince Coleman (Cardinals). There are a couple players here I have never heard of, but then that doesn't really come as a surprise to most of you, I know. :-)
Garrelts was an all-star in '85 and went to the World Series in '89 (a few years after these were made). Boyd was indicted in 2005 for threats he made to his girlfriend. Ironically, Moore is known for giving up a pennant-losing home run to Dave Henderson (no relation). Perez was part of the "Big Red Machine" in the mid-late 80's, in case you didn't know... :-)

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Anonymous said...

I only bought one pack of these in 1986, and these were the tattoos I got. What are the odds? And by the way, can you think of anything creepier than having a tattoo of Pete Rose on your hand? From the moment you wipe the sleep out of your eyes in the morning til you brush your teeth before bed, ol' Charlie Hustle is in the thick of it all.

Thanks, but no thanks.