Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dirty Dozen: 1997 Finest Series Two

Not only did I choose one, I chose a dozen different junk waxpacks. All of them from 1997-99, and all of them for only $1/each.

But will they make me "better feeling?" That is the question.

First pack is 1997 Finest Series Two. This was the second (and thankfully) last year Finest was configured in it's multi-fractured, multi-subset format. The 175-card base set was divided into 100 "Commons" (or "Bronze" as they more commonly known), 50 "Uncommons" (Silver), and 25 "Rares" (Gold). The Silvers and Golds were short-printed and seeded into packs at the rate of 1:4 and 1:24 respectively, with refractors inserted at the rate of 1:12, 1:48 and 1:288.

The set is divided further into five different subsets, each with their own distinct design: Acquisitions (players who had changed teams), Masters (superstar players), Blue Chips (rookies), Power (power pitchers and power hitters), and Competitors (who compete, or something).

Like I did in the 20-for-$40 pack bust, in lieu of commentary, I'm just going to re-print the copy on the back of each card.

(All are Bronze)

Dean Palmer
COMPETITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS "At the plate: An already-productive hitter, Palmer outdid himself in1996 with a career-best 38 HR's and 107 RBI. In the field: His reliability and range improve every year at third, where he led the American League with 135 starts in '96."

Jim Leyritz
ACQUIRING TASTES "A valued utility player for the 1996 Yankees -- and a hero of their World Series win -- Leyritz offers the Angels a dangers bat and skills at catcher, first base, thrid base and left field. He hits for power against righties and lefties."

David Justice
ACQUIRING TASTES "After a 40-game 1996 season (thanks to shoulder surgery) in Atlanta, Justice arrives in Cleveland healthy and eager to join its revamped outfield corps. In a lineup looking for a lefty bat, he is penciled in for 20+ homers and 100+ RBI."

Ismael Valdez
POWER POINTS "Whiffed six or more batters 18 times, and seven or more 15 times, in 33 starts of 1996 ... Reached the seventh inning in 82% of his appearances ... Owns career high of 11 SO's (8/16/95) ... Had '96 season high of 10 on 4/24 versus Houston."

Walt Weiss
COMPETITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS "At the plate: Weiss is a bat control artist, selective hitter and tough out. In the field: He has committed more tham 19 errors at SS only once in a decade. On the basepaths: Maximizing average speed, he was 27-for-32 in SB's, 1995-96."

Jeff Cirillo
COMPETITVE CONTRIBUTIONS "At the plate: Cirillo, once lightly regarded, is now an XBH machine and reigns as club's single-season record holder for RBI (83) by a third baseman. In the field: He has outstanding range and one of the better hot corner arms in the game."

Did this pack make me better feeling? Not yet.

I should bust some more, shouldn't I?


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Late 90's FTW!

dayf said...

Why yes, you should rip more.

And by the look of the posting queue you certainly have.