Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2007 Bowman

Pack number three from the Fairfield repack box is 2007 Bowman. Bowman doesn't really do anything for me, so this is my first pack ever of the stuff. Yippee. I had to cut the top of the wrapper and pull the cards out, since the pack just wasn't ending its marriage to the cardboard.

Cover boy is Royals' 2006 #1 pick Luke Hochevar. Up and at them!

12 Carlos Quentin - Was hit by 43 pitches as a minor leaguer in 2004. Holy crap!

74 Brian Giles - Signature bears his full name. Middle name is Stephen.

173 Mark Teixeira - "i" before "e" my Aunt Fanny.

100 David Wright - Shown rounding the bases in a home run trot at Shea, as Royce Clayton of the Nationals hangs his head in shame.

117 Carlos Silva - His name is an anagram for Sr. Saliva Loc. I think that's also his Wu Tang name.

BP29 Gerrit Simpson Gold - A #5 draft pick of the Rockies in 2001, he last pitched in the minors in 2006 with AA Huntsville (Brewers). Another great "prospect", Bowman.

BC55 Matt Palmer Chrome - Currently a 29-year-old in his third season in the AAA Fresno Grizzlies (Giants) rotation. At least he's still pitching.

BC60 Gilberto Mejia Chrome - Kicked around the Tigers system for five years, with a .697 OPS and only 64 games as high as AA. Not in affiliated baseball as of 2008.

BP82 Ricardo Nanita - Now 27 and enjoying his third season at AA Birmingham (White Sox). Seems to have peaked in 2006. But hey, he enjoys salsa music.

BP109 Ryan Mullins - Still 24, currently has 7 wins at AA New Britain (Twins). As close as this pack is getting to an actual prospect.

This pack did nothing to convince me of the usefulness of Bowman. At least I finally have a Gerrit Simpson card for my collection, though.


Steve Gierman said...

If Carlos Quentin gets hit by one more pitch this year, with the bases loaded, he will break a MLB record for most times getting an RBI by a hit by pitch.

dayf said...

Just call me Lesbian Pimp.

Wu Tang Forever!