Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2005 Upper Deck Classics

I got this pack for 2 bucks. For a legends product with 3 relics and 1 auto for box it sure is cheap. You can get a box for under 50 bucks if you look around. It's not the greatest looking set in the world as the bronzed borders are kind of strange, but it's full of a bunch of great players. I picked a pack with Eddie Mathews on the wrapper for good luck.

100 Yogi Berra
18 Carl Hubbell
40 Graig Nettles
61 Ken Griffey Sr.
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13 Boog Powell
89 Ted Lyons
44 Howard Johnson
39 George Kell

No inserts or short prints but not a bad pack at all. Yogi is a bona fide Legend with a capital L and is worth it all by himself. Carl Hubbell, Ted Lyons and George Kell bring up the Hall of Fame count to four. Ken Griffey had a kid who will be in the Hall eventually. Boog Powell isn't in the Hall but he's a Baltimore icon for his barbecue as much as his playing days. Graig Nettles played for 22 years but card collectors know him as the guy with the misspelled name. Howard Johnson is a hotel. Not too bad, one of these days a box will prove too tempting.


Chris Harris said...

That pack had

HO-JO MO-JO!!!!!

Jason T. Carter said...

Those cards look cool. I'll have to look around for an inexpensive box.