Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2002 Upper Deck Piece of History

I know there will be conspiracy theorists that will argue that I am intentionally making a point regarding packs featuring Griffey Junior, but all I can do is swear the packs are randomly pulled from a bunch of packs I bought while suffering severe pack addiction relapse over the past month or so.

In any case, here we have another pack featuring Junior. This one is VERY green. Collectors can find "21st Century Phenoms Rookie Cards" and "Piece of History" Game-used cards (in multiple versions, no less) in random packs.

First up (pardon the pun) is the Big Unit, Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks). I like the design of these cards - horizontal layout with a single color tint as the background. An action shot of the player in full color is on one side of the card (usually the left side) and a close-up mug shot of the player in the tinted color is on the right. It gives the illusion that the player photo takes up the whole card. The player's name is in silver foil in all-caps of varying sizes with the team and position in one-sized all caps underneath. Then there is a timeline (1900-2000, with dots before and after to show continuity). Under the timeline is a silver foil ruled line. The bottom of the front includes a silver foil UD logo, a mini full color picture that is the same as the large tinted one above. There are also a couple player highlights. The backs of the cards feature the same action shot as the front with the player's name, bio info, career stats, and a paragraph about some of the player's accomplishments. "'The Big Unit' has won three NL Cy Young Awards in Arizona," and "(He) Pitched his way to World Series MVP honors in 2001."

(Frank Thomas, White Sox) Next in the pack is my man, Frank. Come on Frank, sing that song... Oh, sorry, throwback reference to the Sugar Hill Gang there... According to his card, "A 12-year veteran for Chicago, Thomas is a two-time AL MVP" and "Ranks 12th among active players in homers with 348." I think the writers wanted to incorporate that "12" in there for aesthetic purposes.

The 'hump' card in the pack is Joe Carter (Blue Jays). I say that because there are five cards in the deck, and he is number three. I am i no way referring to Mr. Carter as a 'hump' player. His action shot is a very cool shot of Carter taking a swing at a ball that is just at the knees. Carter is "best known for his World Series winning homer in 1993" and he "drove in 100 runs in a season 10 times." Excuse me, but 'best known' for a WS-winning homer? I'm not sure 'best' should be in that sentence. He is best-known for a lot of things, and one home run out of his career is not it... Heck, even the second point on the card is more impressive than the 'best known' item. Bizarre choice by the writers there.

Well, well, we have TWO Joe's in the pack. This one is Joe Mays (Twins). Mays was a "2001 All-star and the Twins' leader in wins (17)." He also "has thrown four career shutouts in a Minnesota uniform." Very nice, indeed.

Last, but not least, we have Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays). That's two Jays in a pack of five cards. Delgado "has led the Blue Jays in homers for three straight years" and is the "Blue Jays all-time leader in home runs."

Well, there you have it: Two Joes, Two Jays, Two Pitchers, Two MVPs, and a Junior on the label.

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William said...

Early '00s Upper Deck packs are such teases. Memorabilia cards everywhere but not one to be had.