Friday, July 18, 2008

Marble Mediocrity - 1994 Pacific

This is one of the repeating series that I keep seeing as I open 432 packs of this stuff. I went in on a case auction with a friend. Well, all I can say is it was on sale.

This pack isn't bad for the HOFer and star content. And if they don't stick together too bad, it isn't a bad pack. Let's rip it...

311 Orel Hershiser
339 Troy O'Leary
250 Gary Sheffield
371 Dave Winfield
384 Mike Lansing
397 Jeremy Burnitz
470 Jim Abbott
259 Craig Biggio
284 David Cone
323 Tim Wallach
348 Robin Yount
234 Alex Arias

I like Pacific, they're a little different than the rest. This set is a decent design. I like the backs with the portrait photo and the stats & logo under the ripped edge. The one thing I think needed work is the font used for the names. And some of the color combinations are hard to read. But I guess after opening as many packs as I have, anything would be hard to read....


sruchris said...

This is taking bad wax to the extreme! That raises a good question, are there any other MLB-licensed sets that would beat 1994 Pacific to be the champion of bad wax?

1993 O-Pee-Chee and 1998 Pacific Online might be close.

Chris Harris said...

2001 Donruss?

dayf said...







A case. of Pacific? holy shniekes.

HookMan said...

I'd be interested in a Jim Abbott if you need to get rid of one. Heck, I'd be interested trading for or buying a full base set.