Monday, July 07, 2008

2008 Topps Chrome

It's been awhile since I've posted on A Pack A Day. There's good reason behind that though. I've started a new job that takes up a great deal of time. I've barely had time to keep up with my own blog. My free time is spent with projects around the house and wedding preparations. I still manage to pick up a pack here and there, but I just don't post them often enough.

Well, that changes now. I have found a pack so one sided, so region specific that it breaks all known logic. With only four cards to a pack, you'd think that there would be a greater chance for variety. WRONG!

The facts of this pack are as follows. I purchased this pack late last week at a Target in Joliet, Illinois. Joliet is roughly an hour southwest of Chicago. You may be familiar with its prison, which has been featured in such classics as The Blues Brothers and the television show Prison Break. It's built up a better reputation in more recent years, but I'm getting way off topic. On to the pack opening!

Luis Castillo #171 - New York Mets

Johan Santana - Trading Card History #TCHC11 - Minnesota Twins (now with the New York Mets)

Johan Santana X-Fractor #32 - New York Mets

Carlos Beltran #157 - New York Mets

Checklist #1 of 2

Students: Work Hard, Get Cards featuring David Wright of the New York Mets

HOLY SCHNIKE! How did so many Mets end up in one package? I call shenanigans, Officer Barbrady! Four Mets and a Twin who is a current Met. That's insane! That's not even fun to collect, unless you're a huge Mets fan.

The cards are nice and shiny and have a hypnotic lull to them, but I'm not a fan of packs stacked with one team, unless it's my team, which the Mets are not. At least it wasn't the Yankees.


cdorso said...

That's outstanding! Why don't I ever open a pack like that? Every pack I open has Yankees in it. Boo Yankees. I don't think I've opened a pack with a Met inside since the days of Ed Hearn and Rick Anderson. I'm insanely jealous.

(Even when I get good cards, they're stupid Derek Jeter inserts.)

Unknown said...

That pack sucked. The only thing worse than that would have been a pack full of Cubs.

Steve Gierman said...

A pack full of Cubs is my worst nightmare come true.

mmosley said...

Best pack ever! Did anyone notice the Mets are 3.5 back, not because they have been playing well but because the Phillies have not.

dayf said...




William said...

You got MetBipped.

Dinged Corners said...

For sure MetBipped. But even if you don't like the Mets, admit: it's better than getting Jetered.

Unknown said...

I got a pack with all Braves in it. Luckily they're my team. :)