Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2006 Bowman Heritage Baseball

I'm almost out of cheapie packs from Target. That's too bad, since I've done surprisingly well in the world of retail lately. Please, please God, don't let me get a pack full of Cubs.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
94 Kenny Rogers Mini (I see they used the same pic over again in 2007. At least he's not stuck with a pink background.)

BHP92 Sean Watson (No MLB experience yet. Vehemently denied eating Homer Bailey. Passed over for role of Augustus Gloop.)

BHP30 Chris Kolkhorst (No MLB experience, either. Possibly out of baseball altogether. But at least he has a name that sounds like an erectile miracle drug. "Things not going well in the bedroom? Does your Kolk need Horsting? Then try Kolkhorst thirty minutes before business time."

108 Austin Kearns Chrome

258 Carlos Beltran
18 Mark Mulder
143 Victor Martinez
194 Mark Buehrle

Grade: B-
No Cubs, but no Brewers either. Kind of a fun set with the minis, but not really collectible to me right now. If you need any of this pyewp to finish a set, get in touch with me and we can make a deal.

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