Thursday, July 24, 2008

2003 Fleer Patchworks

This pack was glued to the front of an 8 packs for 10 bucks junk repack box I bought before I went on vacation. I almost got a box with a pack of UD Masterpieces showing, but I picked up this box and it was twice as heavy. That means CELLO PACKS! I wasn't disappointed, I got a few packs of '89 Topps wax and cello to rip on the trip. If you're nice to me I'll post one of the '89 packs soon. As long as I had bought the thing already, I figured what the hell and ripped this one too.

15 Shawn Green
75 Barry Zito
29 Mike Sweeney
DE-LA Darin Erstad Jersey #029/500
40 Ken Griffey Jr.
4 Bobby Higginson

Yes kids, you can pull jersey cards out of repack boxes. Ok so it's Darin Erstad. I said jersey cards, not 1 of 1 Babe Ruth autograph DNA splinter off the bat he hit his called shot home run with card. The Griffey's nice too. I'm attracting Mike Sweeneys at the rate Chris is pulling C3POleruds though. Does anybody actually collect Mike Sweeeney? I guess I am by default.

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Andrew Harner said...

It's true, I pulled a 2007 UD Kenny Irons football rookie jersey last week from one.