Saturday, July 12, 2008

1993 Pinnacle Series 1

Let's take a look at a Score 1993 Pinnacle Baseball Series 1 pack of cards. We might even find a "Team Pinnacle" card in here (oh, boy!):

The pack itself is black and bronze with red accents. Very shiny, sop as to attract kiddos away from other packs. The black is also slimming, so the players inside who let themselves go during the off-season don't look as big... The cards feature large player photos surrounded by a black border. At the top of the card, the player's team is listed, and the bottom features the player's name and "Pinnacle" logo. The logo is in gold foil. After all, the card company is much more important than any player that happens to be pictured, right?

The first two cards are Lee Stevens (Angels), Derek Bell (Blue Jays)

Next up, we have Mo Vaughn (Red Sox), Juan Gonzalez (Rangers), and Dave Hansen (Dodgers).

The backs of the cards are black and feature a "studio"-type head shot in the middle. On the left, there is the card number, position, bio info, team logo, MLB logo, and MLBPA logo. The right has the Pinnacle logo again with a brief write up about the player. All of this is kept apart from the bottom of the back by a horizontal line with the player's name. The bottom portion features stats from the previous year, career totals, and copyright info.

In the next group, we have Jack McDowell (White Sox), Mike Bordick (caught in a very cool shot!) (Athletics), and Dennis Eckersley (Athletics). The Eck-man is ripping one in, and if I didn't understand the laws of physics, I'd be ducking while looking at the card, since it looks like the ball is coming right at me - as if Eck said, "oops!" :-)

Tom Gordon (Royals) who has nothing to do with the Stephen King story, Jeff Bagwell (Astros), and Paul Wagner (Pirates).

Finally, we have Barry Manuel (Rangers), Dennis Martinez Now&Then (Expos/Orioles), J.T. Bruett (Twins) caught in an awful bunt pose (just look at the poor man's face).

The last card in the pack (not scanned) is Mike Raczka (Athletics).

All in all, not too bad of a pack. I mean, heck, it had Eckersley, Bagwell, McDowell, Gonzalez, and Martinez. Now, if it had just had a Triber.....


Dr. Burt said...

Look at how massive Juan Gonzalez looks, even compared to Mo Vaughn. Also, how wide his back swing is/was and how far his hands start away from his body.

dayf said...

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was the last Stephen King book I read. I read everything he wrote when I was in high school but I couldn't care less about them now for some reason.