Saturday, July 19, 2008

Piecey de Resistance: 2007 UD Goudey

Alright, busy day today. Time to stop procrastinating and get my car inspected for emissions (eww), go see The Dark Knight (whoo!), and exercise my ungodly acting TALENT! But that doesn't mean I can't share some old-timey square-shaped cards with you first. There's no real cover boy on the pack, but there is a small inset picture of Derek Jeter's card from the set. Whatever.

55 Troy Tulowitzki RC - The card back informs us that he banged out some dingers at AA in 2006. Excellent use of the lingo.

6 Albert Pujols - Conversely, Pujols slugged his dingers. I wonder what the difference is.

189 Noah Lowry - Dan Haren's college roomie. From appearances I would say that Noah was the Felix Ungar of the two.

274 Reggie Jackson Heads Up - Nice! It references his Naked Gun cameo!

50 Jake Westbrook - Bane of Camp Tiger Claw's existence.

26 Chad Tracy - If former Cardinals infielder Tracy Woodson married him, would he change his name to Tracy Tracy? Um...I'll show myself out.

144 Mike Sweeney - Holy crap I love this card. Who'd have thought that Mike could look so menacing? That bat's coming right for me!

168 Orlando Cabrera - More baseball folksy slang: "Junior Circuit" for American League. Don't hear that one much these days.

Okay, that was a fun pack to rip! One of the best hitters alive, plus a Reggie insert and an amusing card of Mr. Royal. Go team Goudey!

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