Monday, July 28, 2008

1987 Donruss Rack Pack (section 2)

OK, continuing on with the second section of my 1987 Donruss rack pack.

I'm doing this one in real time so I'll record my initial thoughts on each card.

523 Marty Barrett - as always, Marty is rocking the double-helmet action. See also his 1988 Topps card.

390 Pat Clements - That old-school Pirates hat is of course the first thing I notice.

257 Floyd Youmans - This guy always seemed full of potential to me and could have been a great pitcher if not for his problems. He showed many flashes of brilliance in his career.

124 Joel Davis - Not much to say about him but I like how these cards mention contract status on the back

609 Mike Krukow - For a while, he seemed to be another star player that the Phillies traded away when he was too young, but his 20-win season in 1986 turned out to be an aberration, pretty much.

476 Johnny Grubb - Here's an example where not showing a player's entire career on the back of the card really hurt. Grubb had a very long career that you can't fully appreciate from seeing just 1982-1986.

344 Curt Young - Wow his jersey is awfully askance.

211 Floyd Bannister - a double Floyd pack!!

77 Ryne Sandberg - I like the close-up pose but I hate the fact that he is entirely in the shadows.

202 Rafael Ramirez - Umm, what the heck is going on with his face?

316 Wally Backman - I always thought that if Wally was a good hitter, a Spoonerism would be totally appropriate here---Bally Whackman. But alas, no, let's just call him Wally Backman.

429 Harold Baines - Heck yeah! One of my favorite players. Not quite HOF material, but I love him nonetheless.

524 Wayne Tolleson - And now for something completely I didn't know that his actually first name is "Jimmy" according to the back of the card. He preferred Wayne? And his first name isn't actually "James"?

391 Jeff Leonard - An outfielder who was once traded for two first basemen

258 Rob Wilfong - never has a guy looked less like a baseball player and more like a substitute teacher

Clemente puzzle pieces 1, 2, & 3

Well, not a bad second section. One HOFer (Sandberg) and another great player in Baines. The rest of the pack is lukewarm, but beggars can't be choosers.

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