Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chrome Wars II

Yesterday, the 2007 edition was decapitated by the pack of 2008 like it was a stupid kid at a roller coaster park. I'm anxious to see if a comeback can be made.

Let's tear in.

271 Carlos Beltran Gold Glove

315 Cesar Jimenez (RC)
196 Hanley Ramirez Blue Refractor Parallel

310 Baseball's Happiest Man© Travis Buck (RC)

187 Placido Polanco
C104 Jose Vidro Heritage Refractor (496/559)

51 Delmon Young X-Fractor

199 Hiroki Kuroda (RC)

It's a closer call this time. Waddya think? I guess I'd have to vote for the '08 pack. Heritage Refractors are somewhat tough to get, but the Blue Ramirez looks so cool. I think the Delmon Young puts it over the top. I suppose I could send it to my future brother-in-law Twins fan who did quite a bit of pissing and moaning about the trade Minnesota made to get Young when he was in town for a game a couple of weeks ago. But then again, Travis Buck is so maniacal. I'll leave it to the public to decide.

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