Friday, July 11, 2008

AT LONG LAST! 2006 Topps Series Two Jumbo Box Break

I'm back! Between my annoyance with Topps' runaway gimmickry and real-life stuff (vacation, rehearsals for my next play), I've been away from APAD for too long. With dayf incommunicado until next week, it's up to the rest of us to pick up the slack for once. What better way to start than by finally closing the door on this box break that I started nearly five months ago. Holy crap.

335 Mark Prior
598 Ron Gardenhire MGR - Shown with untucked jersey, which if you've seen Gardy, is for the best.
433 Casey Kotchman - His name rhymes with...Stacy. Get your head out of the gutter.
376 Luis Gonzalez
406 Ryan Doumit
368 Khalil Greene
397 Jason Vargas
RBI7 Ruben Sierra Hit Parade - Hahaha, are you kidding? Oh, I see: he was #7 among "active" players in RBI.

524 Ben Sheets GOLD 0685/2006
SC-JW James Wilson US Constitution - They really should tell you at least which state these guys were from.
449 Jason LaRue
436 Keith Foulke - He's still pitching...with the A's. (Or was, he's on the DL now.) Seriously.
441 Rich Aurilia
444 Curtis Granderson
435 Paul Konerko - Excellent photo of Paul firing a throw across the diamond.

378 Tony Clark - MORE dupes. Grr.
353 Claudio Vargas
459 Mark Hendrickson
595 Terry Francona MGR
539 Juan Rincon
508 Danny Haren
530 Carlos Guillen
Checklist 3 of 3
MHR30 Mickey Mantle Home Run History #30 - I have 24 of these overall.
479 Carlos Silva - Okay, back to cards I actually need.
622 Jason Bergmann RC
430 Octavio Dotel - Really, he was a Yankee?
619 Joey Devine RC
437 Juan Rivera
443 Danny Kolb - Shown after a swing in Atlanta ruined his career.
639 Prince Fielder RC
560 Jim Thome
660 Angel Arms: Ervin Santana and Francisco Rodriguez - Must be nice to lose arbitration and still bring home $10 million.

607 Cubs Team Card
647 Twin Fundamentals: Rondell White and Lew Ford
603 Mets Team Card

Okay, where do we stand with that box? No relics or autos, which is lame. Way too many doubles, considering that I wasn't able to complete the base set. That's what I get for 27 bucks I guess.

Base Cards: 309 of 330 (93.6%)
Doubles: 75 (19.5% of base cards in box)
Checklists: 2 sets of 3

Gold Parallel (1:4): 3 (Blake, Castilla, Sheets)
Black Parallel (1:14): 1 (Payton)
Hit Parade (1:6): 2 (Bagwell, Sierra)
Mickey Mantle Home Run History (1:1): 12
Opening Day (1:3): 4
Signers of the US Constitution (1:2): 6 (Franklin, Washington, Williamson, Wilson, Spaight, Sherman)
Trading Places (1:4): 3 (P. Wilson, Furcal, R. Hernandez)
Topps Stars (1:4): 3 (Soriano, Cabrera, Ramirez)

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William said...

And so it ends. As quickly as it takes to bust a box of cards, this one proved to be the Hundred Years War of Wax. When this box break began, gas cost $3.25 per gallon, Mike Huckabee was still a presidential hopeful, and I was jobless, still living with my parents. Now gas costs $4.00 per gallon, Mike Huckabee is just a simple Governor, and I live on my own, my time consumed by a 40-hour work week. What a difference 5 months makes.

Congratulations for having the perseverence to post every card from this jumbo box, it was fun to read!