Thursday, July 31, 2008

2008 A Piece of History

Yeah, I got another pack of this stuff. It's kind of growing on me. Like athlete's foot.

124 Jonathan Meloan RC
180 Led Zeppelin
136 Nyjer Morgan RC
TM-46 Ichiro Timeless Moments
BSM-42 Bobby Abreu Box Score Memories #12/25
8 Tom Glavine
47 Vlad Guerrero
73 Ryan Howard
99 Chad Cordero

I've gotten two packs of A Piece of History and pulled 2 relic cards. Why can't I have this luck with Goudey or Allen & Ginter? I guess it's some sort of variation since it's numbered to 25. Blue foil, I guess. I like how the box score doesn't even have the stolen base stat that's honored on the card. Any Bobby Abreu fans out there? Anyone? Beuller? Not only is there a jersey but a numbered Ichiro insert as well. It's kind of embarrassing actually. The Glavine card is cool because they used a photo from this year's spring training. No photoshop or Mets unis, thankfully. The rest of the pack is good too, Vladdy, Ryan Howard, a couple of rookies and the Hindenberg. That's the only disaster in this pack. Ok, Chad Cordero's a bit of a mess right now, but he's a closer. If a closer can remain effective and uninjured for over a year and a half nowadays they're some sort of freak of nature.


AlbuqwirkE said...

What's that Led Zeppelin card all about?

dayf said...

It's me making an obtuse joke about the Hindenburg. You can see the card in my Archives rip from a couple weeks back.

AlbuqwirkE said...

Ah yes... now I see that confounded card.


Slette said...

I'm an Abreu fan... doubt I have anything worth a crap you'd be interested in though

dayf said...

Make an offer, e-mail's in profile. I'm a braves fan, so any Atlanta cards are good. Even if you don't have any Braves cards, I might take another jersey for it. If you don't have any cards at all, offer me a DVD or a graphic novel or something. Who knows, I might take it.