Friday, August 01, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Baseball

Okay, guilty as charged: I haven't posted on here in... well, ages. 9 months to be exact-- I got into grad school and took the summer off to blow some cash and see some friends. Along the way, I also caught ball games in Atlanta, Houston, Round Rock, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Durham, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto and, finally, Yankee Stadium.

Anyways, enough about me-- on to my first post in months. I'm normally a fan of early 80's packs, but my girlfriend sent me to Target with a gift card. I left purchasing only one item. This is what was inside:

Dustin Pedroia
Lance Berkman
Alex Gordon

Let me pause: I should note that I am typing this as I open the pack, and I must say, this is going really, really well. Most notably, I'm an Astros fan so the Berkman has been the highlight. And, while I voluntarily missed out on the Gordon rookie card craze, getting a second year card is exciting, since I rarely buy new packs. Onward:

NL Hitting Kings: Ramirez-Holliday
Tom Gorzelanny
Tim Hudson
David Ortiz T205
Brad Lidge

Well, this was a great pack. In fact, so good I would consider purchasing another. There isn't a bad player in the pack and it included a great assortment of stars and subsets. Wicked. Only negative thing worth mentioning is that I think it is weird that Saves aren't listed on the back of Lidge's card.

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