Friday, November 28, 2008

1990 Donruss Baseball

I've said it before... I love these cards. Maybe because After I moved out of my parents house when I was 18, my Dad used to find excuses to come visit. Like bring over cello packs of these. "I found these at the store... thought you might like them..." he'd say. Thanks Pop. Why don't you come in for awhile? "Well, since I'm here...." and we'd sit and chat for a couple of hours...
Good times.
On with the pack. 1990 Donruss Baseball Cello pack. 37 cards plus 6 puzzle pieces and one cello exclusive Grand Slammer insert. If you haven't read the pack break of these I did over on Waxaholic, you can click here. I still need 21 cards for my set. Damn collation...

First card,
Bobby Bonilla MVP insert - Future Brave!
Dean Palmer - Rangers
Glenn Davis - Astros
Rolondo Roomes - Reds
Checklist - *Yawn*
Marvell Wynne - Cubs
Geaorge Brett - Royals - Alright!
Dave West - Twins
Tom Lawless - Blue Jays
Scott Garrelts - Giants
Paul Assenmacher - Cubs
Puzzle Pieces 46,47,48
Puzzle Pieces 37,38,39
Mark McGwire - Grand Slammer insert..... not once, but twice! Sweet!
Halfway through and still no new cards for my set.... Let's hope for a better second half...

Mike Stanton - Braves!!!!!!!!
Terry Bross - Mets
Larry Sheets - Orioles
Sammy Sosa - White Sox (George Bell??? Really Steve? Really?)
Steve Sax - Diamond Kings
Herm Winningham - Reds
Kevin Tapani - Twins
Jose Nunez - Blue Jays
Greg Briley - Mariners
Scott Coolbaugh - Rangers Rated Rookie - wasn't this guy supposed to be the Second Coming? McGwire, Sosa, Brett, Coolbaugh rookie... this was an awesome pack at the time....
Luis Salazar - Cubs
Keith Miller - Mets
Gary Sheffield - Brewers
Ken Oberkfell - Giants - I remember Ken being a really good player for the Braves. It's funny how the mind can play tricks on you.....
Jay Bell - Pirates
Omar Vizquel - Mariners
Carlton Fisk - MVP insert
Glenn Wilson - Astros
Jeff Brantley - Giants
Mickey Tettleton - Diamond King
Tony Fossas - Brewers
Bob Melvin - Orioles
Dave Bergman - Tigers
Rich Montleone - Angels - YEAH!!!!!
Why the heck am I excited? I need this guy!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!
Mickey Hatcher - Dodgers
That's it? One freakin' card? And only one Brave? Craptastic.
Well, if anyone can help me with my wantlist.... I'd appreciate it. I've got doubles to trade.


William said...

10 years ago you could've gotten a $5 bill for that Sosa rookie. Now? Not.

tastelikedirt said...

I used to buy packs of these like crazy when they were new. At some point I realized I had about 2000 card and figured I could go through them and put together a set for sure. I tried and ended up about 10 cards short of the set and about 1300 extra cards.