Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Leader of the Pack: 1993 Upper Deck Series 2

Here's another 1993 UD S2 pack from Night Owl Cards.

Time to play Leader of the Pack!

#810 Joe Boever: Player 2/5, Photo 2/5: they should used this photo for Eckersley's card, since Boever's head is blocking the "D" so the card just says "Upper Eck", At the Time 1/5, nobody wanted a Boever card, and no intangibles. Total = 5/20

#773 Trevor Hoffman: WHOA! Player 5/5, Photo 3/5 for a nice grunty closeup on the back, At the Time Hoffman was an unknown rookie 2/5, and Intangibles 4/5. He gets credit both for being on the first-year Marlins and for going on to have a HOF career. Pretty sweet card to pull. Total = 14/20

#809 Dave Burba: Player 3/5, Photo 2/5: well I'll be damned--he's blocking the "D" in "Deck" too! At the time 1/5 and no intangibles. Total = 6/20

#811 Jeremy Hernandez: Player 2/5, Photo 4/5 for excellent color uniformity, At the Time 1/5 and no intangibles. Total = 7/20

#633 Tom Bolton: Player 2/5, Photo 2/5: HE'S BLOCKING THE "D" TOO!! At the Time 1/5 and no intangibles. Total = 5/20

#728 Tracy Woodson: Player 2/5, Photo 2/5: the photo on the back is totally worthless. At the Time 1/5. Intangibles 3/5 for getting a photo with his wearing the green Cardinals cap. Total = 8/20

#695 Greg Swindell: Player 3/5, Photo 3/5 for a nice horizontal shot, At the Time 3/5 for one of the better big-league starters, and no intangibles. Total = 9/20

#701 Steve Bedrosian: Player 4/5, Photo 4/5: holy crap, you can't see his face on the front, but it's just an awesome shot, At the Time 2/5, no intangibles. Total = 10/20

#531 Frank Bolick: Player 1/5, Photo 1/5: face obscured on both the front AND back photos, At the Time 1/5 and no intangibles. Total = 3/20

#608 Kirk McCaskill: Player 3/5, Photo 4/5 for a good clear action shot on the front and a nice head shot on the back, At the Time 1/5 and no intangibles. Did I mention that he is also blocking the "D"? Total = 8/20

#542 Felix Jose: Player 2/5, Photo 4/5: Great horizontal closeup on the front and action shot on the back, At thie Time he was a bit of a rising star 3/5, and no intangibles. He's blocking the "D" too. Total = 9/20

#574 Rafael Palmeiro: Player 5/5, Photo 1/5: his face is blocked on the front, and he's making an error on the back. Awesome. At the Time he was a pretty big star 4/5 and no intangibles. Total = 10/20

#434 Marc Newfield: Player 2/5, Photo 4/5 very nice closeup, At the Time he was a nice prospect 3/5, and the special full-bleed card makes gives this 2/5 intangible points. Total = 11/20

#470 Bernie Williams Inside the Numbers: Player 4/5, photo 4/5 for a pretty nice action shot, At the Time he was a promising young player 3/5, and 2/5 intangibles for the insert. Total = 13/20

#466 Geronimo Pena Inside the Numbers: Player 2/5, photo 2/5 for a hunched-over shot, At the Time he'd had a few good partial years for the Cardinals and seemed like he might become a star 3/5, and 2/5 for intangibles. Total = 9/20

Not a great pack, but Bernie Williams takes it with his 13/20. Trevor Hoffman takes it with his 14/20.

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night owl said...

I like the Felix Jose card. I'm trying to figure out who he's talking to. Reggie Sanders?

Andy said...

I was trying to figure that out too. The only name I came up with that seems to fit the player's complexion and back of jersey is Ray Lankford.

William said...

Uh, shouldn't Trevor Hoffman take it with a 14/20?

Night Owl: In lieu of saying he's talking to Reggie Sanders, you could just say he was talking to god. Everyone would know who you mean.

morineko said...

Doesn't the fact McCaskill was fairly attractive count as an intangible?

(It's probably why they went with that great head shot on the back. XD)


PunkRockPaint said...

Yeah! If you don't want to give Trevor his rightful leadership of this pack... You should send him to me :)

Andy said...