Friday, November 21, 2008

2008/2009 Upper Deck McDonalds Hockey

So I was at Wally World today and I found a whole whack of blasters to choose from. Ranging in prices from $25 to $35. For 5 packs. I don't think so. Sometimes I hate Canada. *sigh*
So to satisfy my urge, I stopped at McDonalds for dinner. Not for the delicious cuisine, but rather hockey cards. 99 cents a pack. I got 3. Here they are. 3 cards per pack.
1st pack
Joe Thornton Superstar Spotlight insert
Henrik Zetterberg
Shane Doan

Pack 2
Saku Koivu
Henrik Zetterberg
Shane Doan......

Pack 3
Tomas Kaberle
Henrik Zetterberg
Shane Doan

wow. Good luck trying to put this set together.....


dayf said...

Good Lord... That's just wrong. Stuff like that is why I go to Burger King. Well, that and the onion rings.

madding said...

That makes me miss the McDonalds basketball cards I used to get back in high school. I think the collation was probably just as bad, too.

William said...

Upper Deck has always been great with in-pack doubles......

ernest of canada said...

thanks for the heads up. just when i thought i might have some fun putting together a concise, easy set...i think i'll pass.