Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Night Threads

No, not Saturday Night Threads...

Donruss Threads!

Y'all know what this is... Let's open.

2 Dale Murphy

Muuuuuuuuuurph!!!!!!!! First card of the first pack!!!!! And such a horrendous photo!!! How in the world can such a grainy photo possibly show every vein in Dale's arm? Aaah, who cares, it's Murphy. Good as a hit as far as I'm concerned.

60 Nick Weglarz

My friend Jon has a theory that to really make it in the majors, you need a 'star' name. You know, like Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle. Barry Bonds. Nick Weglarz? Um, no. The guy's an Indians prospect, taken in the third round in 2005 and played on Canada's Olympic team. Looks like he's got a little power, let's see what he can do at Double-A next year.

84 Sean Doolittle

A's First Base prospect who played college ball at the University of Virginia. Another low-level slugging farmhand who we'll know if they're any good in about 5 years.

70 Brent Brewer

Heh, the Brewers picked a guy named Brewer. I am easily amused. Hey, Brent went to Sandy Creek High School! He was recruited by Florida State but chose the Brewers. As far as his stats go, he's got a lot of speed, but not a lot of hit.

27 George Brett

Ok which one of the 43 Royals fans that I owe stuff to wants this card? I'd like to keep it, but I've gotten a Jason Heyward autograph and a sick Andruw Jones relic card from Royals fans recently so I probably owe them all my Royals 'till 2013.

Decent pack, I got two and this was the better one. No inserts of any kind though which was a bummer. I was hoping for a Diamond King. With any luck we'll see some of these in retail so I can pick up a few more packs.

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Voltaire said...

Do NOT knock the Wegz. He will find you.

Also, I want that card.