Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Morning Threads

No, not a new suit for church...

Donruss Threads!

The football version this time. A month or two ago when I heard that Donruss was doing a Threads product for baseball, I picked up a pack of football to gauge how it would look. The two base sets are almost identical except for some small tweaks (no team logos in baseball, obviously). Today seems like a good day to post this pack.

50 James Jones
8 Terrell Owens
CS-14 Tony Gonzalez Century Stars Jersey
99 Ray Lewis
57 Marvin Harrison
15 LaDanian Tomlinson

I'm not sure who James Jones is, but the rest are pretty big stars. Too bad none of them excite me at all. Well, Marvin Harrison is all right, the other three are just too malcontented for my taste regardless of talent. The Tony Gonzalez jersey card was a nice surprise from a two dollar football pack. The polyester jersey has a glittery shine to it when the light hits it right. I wish I had more to say about this pack, but I don't. It's a pretty typical low-key slightly boring Donruss product actually.

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