Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces Football

I know it's bad form to post two of the same packs back to back, but after Thorzul's disaster pack I felt it my duty to assure the populace that Football Masterpieces isn't really that bad. Thorzul's pack was that bad. Holy crap, was that a bad pack. I know football products are driven by rookies but Jesus Christ. Masterpieces is not about rookies, it's about the Legends. This pack is probably too far over on the other side of the spectrum, but average the two out and you're just about right.

6 Bart Starr

THIS is why Masterpieces was invented. Bart Starr diving through the Cowboy line in the motherfucking Ice Bowl. The most famous quarterback sneak in the history of football. A STUPID play at that, if Bart doesn't get in, the Packers lose. But he got in, and Green Bay is now TitleTown as a result. And here's that play, done in a painting and put on a card with a fake canvas texture. This is why every collector out there is shitting their pants over Masterpieces.

43 Jim Brown

Not an unforgettable moment this time, just an unforgettable player. Pictures like this makes me want to sell my cards and buy oil paints instead. Upper Deck finally listed the names of the artists on the back of the cards for this set. Jeff Suntala, ya did good. (Jeff painted Bart too)

82 Terry Bradshaw

Another good action painting, this time from Arthur K. Miller. I've seen this picture before, I'm not sure what game it's from though. It's tough trying to convey expressions in a painting on football players wearing a helmet, but I think Arthur nails Terry's eyebrows in this one.

63 Jerome Simpson

Ok, I didn't get all Legends. I'm not sure who the hell Jerome Simpson is, either. He's a Bengal so he can't be any good. Even if he was good at some point the Bengals will beat all the talent out of him soon enough. Artist Ken Joudrey memorializes the death of Jerome's career after being selected by the Bengals in the draft by painting his football spirit in heaven.

So the rookies can be annoying, but this is actually a pretty good set. Since Thorzul got completely jobbed on his pack, I'll be sending him the Starr card soon. He'd help me out in the same way if I ripped a gawdawful pack like that too.


Anonymous said...

Okay, dayf, how did you get my pack by mistake?

dayf said...

Don't blame me, blame the truck that sent the pack to Atlanta instead of Milwaukee.