Saturday, November 15, 2008

2005 Zenith

I haven't done a pack rip on here in a while to I need something quick and awful to shake out the cobwebs. 2005 is both quick (only 4 cards per pack) and awful (just see for yourself).

129 Mark Kotsay
183 Lew Ford
196 Angel Berroa silver foil?? argh
79 Victor Martinez

Yeah, I paid real money for this. I should have bought some GM stock instead. Somewhere out there I believe George Brett has just felt a brief vague uneasy feeling now that he has been associated with a mess like this. So, what to say about this junk? First, the design is terrible even for Donruss standards. The "insert card in every pack" this time is a lousy parallel with silver foil instead of gold. This set had a lot of Dufex inserts and parallels in it so pulling this was a real letdown. The player selection is pretty dicey too. This thing cost three bucks at one point! On the bright side, the VMart card will go to one of the many Indians fans out there and the uniforms on Kotsay and Berroa are pretty cool. Kotsay shows off a Radioactive A's jersey while Angel does it old school Monarchs style.

Ahh, felt good to get a pack rip posted again. I'll be sure to do it again quickly as I don't want this mess being my last rip on this blog for long.

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