Monday, November 03, 2008

2007 Topps Turkey Red - Gobble Gobble!

DISCLAIMER: The selection of a pack of Turkey Red cards is in no way meant as an endorsement of "red states" or Republican candidate John Sidney McCain.

Here's the last pack from my repack envelopey thing, and as promised, there's a purty surprise inside! Oooo!

21 Adam Dunn - I love the classic stadium facade that was drawn into the background, with columns and such.
Adam Dunn by you.

158 Jeff Kent - I do not love Mr. Kent's intolerance of his fellow man.

147 Joe Mauer - I can't believe he's only been an All-Star once. I guess chicks really do dig the long ball.

30 Barry Bonds - He actually looks kind of jaundiced in his portrait. Maybe Dick Perez was editorializing about the harmful effects of steroid abuse.

41 Barry Zito - His olde tyme background features a smattering of fans looking on from a hilltop. Neato.

TRC-RM Rob Mackowiak Refractor Autograph - Wowie! Not the sort of thing you expect from a repack. As soon as I opened the pack, I saw a shiny border poking out from near the back. This card is eventually heading to Illinois to join the collection of one of Rob's high school classmates, hint hint.
Rob Mackowiak by you.

67 Chase Wright RC - I believe this is the poor slob who gave up back-to-back-to-back-to-back (that's FOUR straight) home runs to the Red Sox in Fenway. Ayup.

109 Derek Jeter "The Captain" Checklist - Nifty action scene with Jeter stroking a hit as the Padre catcher (possibly Ramon Hernandez, actually) looks on impotently.

So that was a little taste of something different for me. Be a good little 'Murrican and vote 'er up tomorrow, and I might just be back later this week with a few packs of Goudey or some 1986 Topps baseball tattoos...or both. Intrigue abounds.

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