Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 Topps Football

The Falcons / Panthers game at the Dome today got me geeked up enough about the Falcons to pick up a pack of Topps Football. The Falcons are up 10-0 as I type this so I guess Topps is good luck? If the stinkin Falcons end up a game out of first place after today I might have to start buying blasters. This is the week I thought they'd be officially eliminated from the playoffs, so the fact they even have a winning record is a shock to me. Oh snap, Michael Turner touchdown, 17-0!

343 Sam Keller RC
335 Joe Flacco RC
15 Brodie Croyle
234 Thomas Howard
48 Alex Smith
202 Jamal Williams
106 TJ Duckett
219 Michael Strahan
68 Thomas Jones
DYN-LM Laywer Milloy NFL Dynasties Tribute

Lots of quarterbacks in this pack. Joe Flacco looks to be the best of the bunch so far, he's led the Ravens to a 7-4 record and massacred the Eagles today. The other rookie in the pack, Sam Keller, is on the other side of the spectrum as Flacco. He was undrafted, tried out for the Buccaneers (whose uniform he's wearing on this card) but wasn't signed, was signed by the Raiders, was cut after a month, signed with an Arena team, and now got cut by them. Ah, football rookie cards. The NFL should take a page from baseball and mandate that there can't be a card of a player in an NFL uniform until they actually play a regular season game in that uniform. I'm not saying deny Sam Keller a card, just show him in a Nebraska uniform. I'm sure Tampa fans just love having this card of a guy who worked out for their team after the draft. Whoops, Panther field goal, 17-3 Falcons. Brodie Croyle and Alex Smith are both out for the season and their teams have a combined 4 wins between them.

Well, we're batting .250 on the quartebacks, what else has this pack got? Michael Strahan's probably a future Hall of Hamer. I love Jamal Williams' card where he appears to be celebrating a sack against the Bears. Thomas hOward is a good linebacker for a dreadful team. Best card in the pack is The Lawyer Milloy Dynasties Tribute card. Good looking design of the Former Yellow Jacket and current Falcon. He needs to hire a goddamned chauffer, but it's a nice card anyway. I've noticed that you'll have a lot more fun collecting football cards if you like defensive players instead of offensive players. You get nothing but star defensive players out of packs (unless you are able to find an old pack of Topps Total somewhere), but usually at least half of the QBs, RBs and WRs are fringy at best. Then again, if they cut out all those fringe players, I wouldn't have gotten a card of TJ Duckett in a Seahawks uniform, and that's something I've always wanted. Six touchdowns this year! Good job by the old battering ram.

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