Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Football

This pack is part of a box break that you can read about over on my blog, "Waxaholic" It turned out to be quite a box. But first, this pack.

Shiny foil wrapper!
All Day - Vikings
Braylon Edwards - Browns

Dallas Clark - Colts

David Garrard - Jaguars

Jamal Williams - Chargers.
I'm not sure what Jamal is doing... but he's really into it, whatever "it" is...

Jason Witten - Cowboys
One of, if not the best card in the set...

Kurt Warner - Cardinals
Derrick Burgess - Raiders
Lee Evans - Buffalo
Calvin Johnson - Lions
Brodie Croyle - Chiefs
Reggie Bush - Saints
Johnathan Vilma - Jets
Willie Parker - Steelers
Steven Jackson - Rams
Jason Campbell - Redskins
Matt Forte - Rookie
Kevin O'Connell - Rookie
Justin Forsett - Rookie
DJ Hall - Rookie
oh, and this....
Team Colors Jay Cutler!
Check out the breakdown of the rest of the box, plus scans of the hits, here.

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William said...

That's good shi'ite. A bunch of stars and a jersey card ta boot.