Monday, November 10, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Series 2

So I picked up a pack of '08 UD baseball series 2 today. I love full bleed cards and I'm looking forward to the '09 UD. Anyways, let's see what we get...

To see the video of this pack break click here.

424 - Brian Roberts
Wow I didn't realize he had 50 steals last year.

628 - Khalil Greene

456 - Orlando Cabrera
UD got lazy and used the same pic of him on the front and back. Meh. Must have been the only one of him as a White Sox they had.

607 - Adam Eaton
I love the daytime action shot on this one.

672 - Jason Botts

536 - Gary Matthews
Great photo on this one. I'm still mad the Bucs let this guy get away before he blossomed.

585 - Kei Igawa

694 - Ryan Zimmerman

624 - Tadahito Iguchi

560 - Livan Hernandez

698 - Aaron Boone

667 - Rocco Baldelli
Another card with the same photo on front and back. At least it's a cool spring training shot with two guys just chilling in the background.

576 - Ryan Church

704 - Brian Bocock RC

753 - Huston Street A's Team Checklist
One thing I don't like about the team checklists and season highlights is that they don't look any different than the regular cards.

745 - Kevin Youkilis Season Highlights
These cards serve no useful purpose. We get an extra card of Youkie with three sentences on the back to explain that he didn't make an error at first last year. Thanks Upper Deck.

725 - Matt Tupman RC

SQ-40 - Daisuke Matsuzaka Starquest Rare
Hey nice pull.

Well there you have it. Not bad for 3 bucks.


Mad Guru said...

"Gary Matthews
Great photo on this one. I'm still mad the Bucs let this guy get away before he blossomed."

Blossomed? He had one good season (2006) which McLouth equaled this year even down to the grossly overrated defense in center. Be thankful Matthews isn't a Pirate. Otherwise, Pittsburgh would be entering year 17 of rebuilding mode.

Laurens said...

As an Angels fan, the twenty teams [so it would seem] Gary Matthews Jr. played for before his current run with the Angels can have him back.

He's a journeyman getting $10 million a year.

Billy Suter said...

The Bucs let everyone get away, and then they all go on to play really well elsewhere. It's sad to see my favorite team lose every year. (How many Rays or Phillies fans do you think said that before the beginning of this season?)